"This outstanding guide to all aspects of debate is a practical and easy-to-read source for students. Simple, direct vocabulary and a lighthearted approach add to its user-friendly format.” (4Q/4P)

-Voice of Youth Advocates (VOYA)

"Talk the Talk is essential, strongly recommended reading for all aspiring practitioners of the art of debating."

-Midwest Book Review

"[Talk the Talk] explains concepts and strategies ... and illustrates the skills necessary for students to excel."

-ForeWord This Week (ForeWord Magazine)

"It is a treat to see the logical underpinnings of a winning argument or counterargument explained so cogently with the use of specific examples and illustrations. Talk the Talk is an insightful and thorough resource ... for the novice and advanced reader alike." (****/4, Highly Recommended)

-CM: Canadian Review of Materials

"... the book I always needed and never had. With creative examples and clear explanations, it tells you what to say and how to say it. Talk the Talk takes you from start to finish--and doesn't miss a step along the way!"

-Rowan Dorin, 2003 World Debating and Public Speaking Champion

"Talk the Talk takes a thoughtful and thorough look at the dynamics of debating and public speaking. Beginners and old hands alike will benefit from reading this book, and coaches everywhere should do well to use it as a reference for their training programs and materials."

-Erik Eastaugh, 2005 World University Debating Champion

"What better way to learn how to effectively engage an audience than to read a book that effectively engages the reader. Talk the Talk includes many tips that only come with experience and time--from how to construct an argument, to general advice on how to be an effective speaker."

-Rahim Moloo, 2005 World Public Speaking Champion

"Alim Merali has authored an insightful resource that will surely be referred to as the 'final word' for any aspiring debater, coach, or veteran of the stump. Talk the Talk offers a wealth of information for any student wishing to engage in the art of influencing others."

-Rick Pawluk, coach of World Debating and Public Speaking Champion

"Talk the Talk is a wonderful introduction to the world of competitive debating. Its easy to follow tips, exercises, and explanations lay out all the necessary groundwork for those looking to get started or to refine their style and substance."

-Joanna Nairn, 2005 North American Debating Champion

"Talk the Talk is an exhaustive guide for any student wishing to learn debate, and offers excellent tips for those who have experience already. It teaches the fine art of communication in a fun and easy to read manner."

-Greg Allen, Top Speaker, 2004 North American Debating Championships

"For many, the skills required for effective debating and public speaking are incredibly elusive. Talk the Talk not only makes the path from novice to champion more accessible, but, more importantly, it will assist any student master the art of persuasion."

-Michael Kotrly, 2005 Canadian University Debating Champion

"The art of debate lies in the difficult task of expressing complex ideas simply and powerfully. Alim Merali does just that in Talk the Talk, masterfully outlining the foundations of persuasive speech before examining the subtleties that define a great speech."

-Julia Lisztwan, 2003 Calgary Fall Open Debate Champion